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First aid and CPR training is something that can come in handy, whether you are a parent, sibling, or friend. Everyday accidents and emergencies occur in an instant, and bystanders are often left unprepared. When someone is choking, many people's first instinct is to offer the choking victim some water. As you will come to learn, this is a common misconception. First aid training is at the core of a safe business environment and life at home. Simple injuries such as cuts can cause excessive bleeding. It is important to understand how to handle these everyday injuries properly so that they will not worsen or become infected. In first aid and CPR training, you will learn resuscitation techniques, how to use an automatic external defibrillator, how to recognize hazards, handle choking victims and more.

Choking Is an Emergency

If a person has normal skin colour and can speak or cough, this person is not technically choking.  In these types of instances, many people are taught to pat the person on the back or offer them a glass of water. These are not ideal resolutions, as they could worsen what is a partial blockage. Encourage the person to continue coughing to resolve the partial blockage. When someone is choking, they likely cannot cough or speak, as the windpipe is blocked. Choking is an emergency and without proper knowledge, you will need to call for help. The Heimlich manoeuvre is a technique used to dislodge the airway obstruction. Using an abdominal thrust, air is forced up and out of the blocked airway and clears the obstruction. This technique can be used to save adults and children over the age of one from choking.

CPR Saves Lives

According to the American Heart Association, over 80% of cardiac arrests that occur outside of the hospital happen at home. Cardiac arrest is different than that of a heart attack and can affect people of all ages and fitness levels. Often times, it happens unexpectedly, without warning. CPR training can help you be prepared in the case of emergency. One of the reasons survival rates are so low for these types of victims is that they are losing oxygen and blood flow to the brain and heart. If bystanders do not react quickly, the victims can sustain permanent disabilities, brain injuries, and even die from cardiac arrest.  Administering CPR to a victim of a cardiac episode is likely to increase their chances of survival by double or even triple.
First aid training can be used in everyday life or when emergencies strike. Handling injuries and emergencies is a simple task and it is important to have the proper knowledge and training in order to be prepared for any situation. CPR and first aid training ensures that home and work are safe environments, not only for yourself, but your loved ones as well.

How is CPR and First Aid Training taught

We believe that CPR and First Aid Training should start with a solid foundation and follow the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) standards.  That's why we have partnered with the Canadian Red Cross as a national training partner.  We also believe that CPR and First Aid training should be provided in a fun and engaging environment to foster a group learning atmosphere.  CPR training courses range in levels of training, from basic, Level A, to advanced, Level HCP, all providing trainees with a fun and memorable experience.  We understand that when emergencies happen the first thing you need to do is remain calm, followed by utilizing the life saving skills that are taught to you by our experienced instructors.  As students in health care or law enforcement program, we come right to your school to provide you training in a environment that you are comfortable and familiar with.  Whether you get your training from us at work, school or at our offices, we are committed to ensuring you have a formidable time and leave confident in your ability to act when emergencies happen.

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